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Music Business - Studio School

Music Business students cover music publishing, distribution, music law, contracts and advanced courses in technology, music supervision and musician management. This concentration will prepare graduates to navigate licensing agreements and performance rights issues of the music industry. In addition to programmed course projects, all students will have opportunities to work on professional projects.

In the Music Business concentration, students follow a course sequence that specifically covers music publishing, distribution, music law, contracts and courses that dive deeper into the areas of technology, music supervision and musician management. This concentration will prepare graduates to work within the myriad of licensing agreements and performance rights issues that confront the music industry today.

Students Who Complete This Program...

  • Are powerfully prepared pursue a professional career in film, television and digital media as an entrepreneur with artistic sensitivity, creativity, and integrity.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of creative collaboration, marketing savvy and entrepreneurial vision with a creative portfolio of original digital content and business plans.
  • Gain a working knowledge of the growing number of fields impacting entrepreneurs today including business, law, accounting, marketing, finance, project management and social media.
  • Explore a deeper study in the field of Music Business targeting the dynamic changes affecting this industry and the opportunities this creates for artists and entrepreneurs with the ability to collaborate and innovate.

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All degree candidates who complete the Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship program will have the opportunity to produce a series of original projects designed to build a creative digital portfolio of professionally produced content including:


The music industry is experiencing a period of dynamic change because of digital technology and emerging release platforms. A degree in Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Music Business will give you a holistic understanding of today’s music industry and the dynamic industries it interacts with including Film, Television, On-line Media and Interactive Gaming. This degree is a path to careers as an Entertainment Entrepreneur, Record Producer, Music Industry Executive, Tour Manager, Venue Programer or Artist Representative.

You can also view our GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT page for more career information on jobs and possible careers that relate to this program.

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