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Below you will find all production forms for Studio School. Note that you should use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to fill out PDF forms electronically. Please ask for assistance and support if needed.

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B. EQUIPMENT REQUEST [submit online] Required for all equipment used for your production.

C. ON-CAMPUS LOCATION REQUEST [submit online] Required for all shoots at LACS, including within Studio School locations.

D. OFF-CAMPUS LOCATION REQUEST Required for each location for all shoots off campus.

E. INSURANCE CERTIFICATE REQUEST—LIABILITY Required for each location for all shoots off campus.

F. INSURANCE CERTIFICATE REQUEST—VENDOR Required when renting additional equipment from outside vendors.

G. IMAGE AND LIKENESS RELEASES Required for all persons in your project who are not Studio School students.

H. RS FACULTY/STAFF IN STUDENT PRODUCTIONS Required whenever faculty or staff appear in student productions.

I. WORK FOR HIRE AGREEMENT Required for services by independent contractors.

J. LICENSE AGREEMENT Required when using third party content, videos, music, images, etc.

K. PRODUCT PLACEMENT / INTEGRATION AGREEMENT Required when branded products are used in your content.

L. SET ETIQUETTE AGREEMENT Required for all productions.

Student Services Forms and Documents

Please contact Student Services if you have any questions.

Student Services Forms and Documents

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